Magistrate visits site of Hamrun house collapse that claimed life of Miriam Pace

Magistrate Joe Mifsud visits site where Miriam Pace lost her life under the rubble of her collapsed home

Miriam Pace's home collapsed in March, claiming her life after she got caught under the rubble
Miriam Pace's home collapsed in March, claiming her life after she got caught under the rubble

A magistrate has conducted a site visit at the Hamrun building site where Miriam Pace died under the rubble of her home.

The victim’s widower Carmel Pace and her son Matthew accompanied Magistrate Joe Mifsud this morning as he observed the pile of rubble where Pace died in March.

The visit was part of the compilation of evidence against four men accused of Pace’s involuntary homicide. 

The four accused - 36 year-old architect Roderick Camilleri of Rabat, Site Technical Officer, 72, Perit Anthony Mangion of Gżira, 37 year-old contractor Ludwig Dimech from Żebbuġ and a 42 year-old workman, Nicholas Spiteri from Mqabba - stand charged with negligently causing Pace’s death. This charge carries a maximum punishment of four years in jail.

Camilleri, Mangion and Dimech are also charged with making a false declaration to the authorities. Perit Mangion was accused of being absent from a site where dangerous works were being carried out. The prosecution asked that the accused’s warrants be revoked.

Miriam and her husband Carmel Pace
Miriam and her husband Carmel Pace

The four are also facing other lesser charges, that primarily carry fines. Dimech alone is also accused of recidivism.  

The four are on bail, pending proceedings.

Inspectors Robert Vella and Matthew Galea are prosecuting.

Lawyers Alfred Abela, Arthur Azzopardi and Rene Darmanin are defence counsel to Architects Roderick Camilleri and Anthony Mangion.

Lawyers Michael Sciriha, Roberto Montalto and Franco Galea defended Ludwig Dimech

Lawyers Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri appeared for Nicholas Spiteri.

Lawyers Joe Giglio, David Bonello and Stefano Filletti are appearing parte civile for the Pace family and owners of adjacent properties.

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