[WATCH] Paceville clubbers in violent brawl with bouncers outside Havana, no arrests yet made

No arrests yet made • Police say they are investigating large brawl between clubbers and Havana club bouncers

Paceville clubbers in violent brawl with bouncers outside Havana, no arrests yet made

No arrests were made in Paceville on Friday night after a large brawl between revellers and the bouncers from the Havana establishment took place late at night.

Preliminary investigations show that the men had twice been ejected from the club following an argument inside it, after which the fight broke out.

Bottles flew and glass was shattered wilfully by antagonised clubbers, whom police believe are of Syrian nationality, as they engaged with the club’s bouncers, which police said are mainly of Eastern European origin.

Video footage sent in by an eyewitness shows the clubbers in a tussle with the bouncers, who stood their ground at the steps of the club, uneasy about engaging in a fight.

At one point, one of the bouncers is seen calling on a club hostess or acquantaince to attempt to stop the eyewitness from filming the violent incident on a camera or mobile phone.

Although police are visibly on site as the brawl got underway, they appear to make no arrests and instead huddled around the clubbers to ensure no more damage is made.

Police told MaltaToday they were investigating the brawl. 

Although no arrests were made, a police spokesman said investigators had spoken to and taken down the particulars of six individuals and two club employees following the disturbance.

A police source told this newspaper that no arrests have been made so far, as the crowd was “dispersed to control the situation.” It did not exclude the possibility of the bouncers not being licenced, but said it was too early a stage to say for certain.

Police investigators are understood to be waiting for medical certification of the injuries before drawing up charges, which indicates that the identities of the persons involved are known.

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