Police shutter Marsa cafés over hygiene while running ID checks on migrants

Two Marsa cafés were closed by the police after surprise inspections

Police raid on Marsa cafés
Police raid on Marsa cafés

The Rapid Intervention Unit and Valletta district police have closed down two unlicensed cafés in Marsa.

According to a press statement, the closures were carried out yesterday evening at Xatt il-Mollijiet in Marsa following police inspections on establishments in the area. Police said they were closed after a number of public health irregularities were found.

The owner of one of the shops was not licenced to operate a catering establishment and one of his employees did not have a work permit and will be charged.

Several other irregularities, including lack of hygiene and incorrect freezer temperatures were also found. The freezers were sealed by the Health Department.

The shop owner was ordered to immediately close his shop and was informed that he would be charged in court.

A lack of hygiene was also noted in the other shop inspected by the police, which was found to be correctly and validly licenced. The owner of that shop will also face charges.

The police press release goes on to say that a third man will also be charged, after he was found cooking outside one of the shops in a very unhygienic manner.