No bail for man charged with seven thefts from cars

Man remanded in custody after stealing items from cars in a number of localities across the island

A man from Safi has been remanded in custody after being charged with a spate of thefts from cars.

Stefan Cutajar, 36, from Safi was arraigned before magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech this morning, accused of seven counts of aggravated theft and criminal damage and one count of attempted theft.

The man targeted cars parked in Qormi, Marsa industrial estate, Luqa, Tarxien, Marsaskala and Marsa between June and October this year.

He was additionally charged with being in possession of high value objects without an explanation after having been convicted of theft in the past, and with breaching probation.

Cutajar, who is unemployed, pleaded not guilty and requested bail. Prosecuting inspectors Roderick Agius and Sarah Zerafa objected to the man’s request to be released from arrest, pointing to his long criminal record.

“He left prison in March this year, he was given a second chance with a probation order…he didn’t take it,” said inspector Agius.

“He was given several chances, in fact” remarked the court, leafing through his criminal record.

The prosecution added that they had indispensable witnesses who were yet to testify.

Defence lawyer Yanika Bugeja argued that the presumption of innocence still applied to the man.

“His criminal record is not a happy one, but it is also indicative of his previous life. He has a drug problem and is addressing it with Sedqa.” The man would work in a family shop if released on bail, she said, adding that he had medical problems which needed to be addressed.

The court denied bail on account of his untrustworthiness, saying it was not assured that he would not reoffend or approach witnesses if granted bail.

It ordered that he receive all necessary medical care whilst in custody.

Inspector Roderick Agius and Inspector Sarah Zerafa prosecuted.

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