No bail as third suspect in vehicle arson cases is charged

Another two men have already been charged over the same arson attack 

46 year-old Jesmond Cassar from Cospicua has been remanded in custody on charges of arson after allegedly setting two cars alight in separate incidents.

Before magistrate Astrid May Grima, Inspectors Jeffrey Scicluna and Mario Xiberras accused Cassar of setting a Mazda on fire in Qormi on 5 September at around 2:30am and with also destroying a Dodge 50 series in Zebbug by fire on 1 November at around 1 am.

Police said Cassar, who has a drug problem, was caught on CCTV committing the second arson, using the exact same modus operandi as the first time. The man was seen spreading accelerant on the ground under the cars and running away. The arsonist’s distinct limp was noted and this helped lead the police to Cassar, who also walks with a pronounced limp.

Two other men have already been charged – and one of them subsequently jailed – over the same arson attack on the Mazda.

Stooped and speaking in an almost unintelligible low slur, Cassar pleaded not guilty to the charges this afternoon.

Defence lawyer Josette Sultana, appointed as legal aid counsel by the court, said that she was not asking for bail at this stage. The accused has a drug problem and wants help, she said. Inspector Scicluna agreed that this assistance was needed as the accused had “an acute drug dependency problem.”

Bail was not requested. He was remanded in custody, with the court making a recommendation to the Prison Director that the man be given the treatment he required.

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