Man charged over fight at rave afterparty following bottle attack

The incident took place at a St. Julian's apartment following an open-air rave in Birzebbugia


A man has been charged with grievously injuring a partygoer who allegedly attacked him with a broken bottle at a rave at a St. Julian’s flat on Sunday.

23 year-old Iklin resident Damir Milosavljevic, from Serbia, was arraigned under arrest before magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech this afternoon, accused of grievously injuring his friend, 46 year-old Brian Caruana at Old College Street in St. Julian’s on Sunday morning.

The incident occurred at a flat in St. Julian’s where an afterparty was being held, following an open-air party in a field in Birzebbugia. Police suspect that large quantities of illegal drugs were used at the parties, which carried on through the night up till mid-morning on Sunday.

Inspector Leeroy Balzan Engerer told the court that several eyewitnesses would be summoned, but added that he was not raising his hopes as to the insight they could provide. Defence lawyer Mario Mifsud clarified that the witnesses had all been “insensible and under the influence of drugs.”

Milosavljevic was also accused of possession of ecstasy and breaching the peace. Inspector Balzan Engerer explained that the alleged victim, Caruana, was in hospital and would be arraigned for his part in the fight. This after the police investigation allegedly found that it had been Caruana who had attacked Milosavljevic with a broken bottle.

The accused pleaded not guilty and was released on bail against a deposit of €5000 and a personal guarantee of €5000.

Lawyer Mario Mifsud appeared for Milosavljevic.

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