Police stopped 7,000 cars in inspections carried out during the last three months of 2020

Searches by police yield cannabis grass, crushers, fire arms and other weapons in inspections carried out during October, November and December 

During the last three months of 2020 police stopped around 7,000 cars in traffic inspections carried out across the country. 

The most common violations were failure to use seatbelts, lack of registration plates and vehicles without headlamps.

Inspections were carried out by district police, the traffic section, the Rapid Intervention Unit, the Environmental Protection Unit, the dog section and the Armed Forces of Malta. 

Around 110 traffic inspections were carried out in October. Some drivers were found in possession of cannabis and crushers. 

Others were driving under the influence of alcohol, with three drivers refusing to do the breathalyser test. Searches on vehicles also yielded knives, a baseball bat and a gun. 

Other minor contraventions were also issued for vehicles without registration plates, illegally tinted windows and failure to wear a seatbelt. 

13 people were found in possession of drugs in November, with two drivers also caught driving under the influence. Two refused to do the breathalyser test. 

Searches yielded pepper spray and two firearms, after 115 inspections were carried out. 

With 150 inspections carried out in December, 14 people were identified as driving under the influence of alcohol. Substances suspected of being drugs, grinders and other objects related to the consumption of drugs were also lifted.

13 drivers were stopped for driving at excessive speeds, with other citations issued for failure to wear a seatbelt, tinted windows, lack of a valid license and no registration plates. 

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafá said the inspections serve to keep Malta’s streets safe, stating traffic stops will continue to be carried out in the coming weeks and months

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