Crack cocaine addiction led man to commit multiple thefts, court told

Court denies man bail after he was charged with stealing from six shops 

A crack addict has been denied bail after he was charged with stealing from six shops.

Ludvic Camilleri, 44, from Qawra was arraigned before magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo this afternoon, charged with 13 offences in all.

Camilleri was accused of six counts of aggravated theft and six counts of criminal damage, as well as a charge of recidivism.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges. His lawyer, Josette Sultana, requested bail.

This was objected to by prosecuting inspector Jonathan Ransley as there was a well-founded fear that another crime would be committed. The accused has a strong dependency on crack cocaine and this is why the crimes were committed, he said. Unless this drug addiction was addressed, he would do it again, argued the inspector.

In addition, the accused had given police his mother’s address but was found living in a hotel and had proved difficult to trace.

The court denied bail at this stage, upholding the arguments made by the prosecution, but urged the prosecution to summon its civilian witnesses as soon as possible