Around 150 youths fined for illegal parties over the weekend

Three separate illegal parties in Mellieh and Pembroke shutdown by police over the weekend • 18-year-old youth attacks police man while taking down details

The police fined over 150 people for organizing and attending illegal parties over the weekend in Mellieha and Pembroke.

Last Saturday, at around 3:00 am, St Julian’s district police received information on a number of people drinking by the shore in Pembroke.

When the police arrived onsite, a number of young people were spotted drinking, and tried to flee the scene.

Around 80 fines were issued for the improper use of face masks and for congregating in groups of larger than four.

In a separate case on Sunday morning, St Julian’s police received a report at around 2:00 am that a group of people were drinking on the Pembroke shore. 35 people were fined.

While taking down details of those present, an 18-year-old French man attacked the police constable and tore his shirt.

He tried evading police but was caught shortly after and is being held the Floriana lockup. The police man is suffering from light injuries.

In another separate case on Friday, police and Rapid Intervention Unit officers stopped a house party in Mellieha at around 9:15 pm. When entering the premises, around 35 people were found to be in attendance.