No case to answer: No charges for Toni Bezzina in corruption probe

Police investigation into allegations Nationalist MP coerced government employees to carry out works at Zurrieq PN club, closed without charges.

The police investigation into Nationalist MP Anthony Bezzina has been closed and no charges will be brought against him.

Bezzina was alleged to have coerced government employees in the Public Works department to carry out works at the Nationalist Party club in Żurrieq ahead of the Local Council elections of 2012.

The matter, which allegedly occurred in the run-up to local council elections, had been reported in newspapers Kullħadd and L-Orizzont

One of three workers involved had testified that he was forced to sign a document which he disagreed with, since it stated that the workers had carried out works at the club out of their own free will. 

A concluded inquiry into the allegations had prompted police to take action.

Bezzina, PN shadow minister for transportation was told by the police on Saturday that there was no case against him, according to his lawyer, Joe Giglio.

Bezzina had previously described the corruption investigation in his regard as a “political frame-up”.

“This is a political frame up against me, now one hopes that certain things come out relating to what happened and what didn’t happen - and by who this happened, that is important,” he had told journalists after exiting the FCID following questioning.

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