Woman admits to shoplifting wine and chicken wings

54-year-old granted bail after admitting to charges of shoplifting wine and chicken wings from a supermarket

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A woman in her fifties has been granted bail, pending sentencing, after admitting to charges of shoplifting wine and chicken wings from a supermarket.

The 54-year-old French woman who has resided in Naxxar for 15 years, appeared before magistrate Nadine Lia this afternoon.

Inspector Roxanne Tabone explained how, on five separate occasions between 9th July and 18th, the woman left the Naxxar outlet of Maypole supermarket without paying for the wine bottles in her shopping bag. On the 19th July, she stole a packet of chicken wings.

The supermarket owners contacted the police, informing them that she would put items in her bag and leave without paying.

Before magistrate Nadine Lia this afternoon, the woman pleaded guilty to five counts of theft - repeating the plea after being warned by the court of the possible consequences of her admission.

Inspector Tabone told the court that the woman had cooperated and returned a bottle of wine and the chicken wings. “There is an alcohol problem and possible mental issues,” added the inspector. The woman is not being named on account of her condition.

Her lawyer, Martin Fenech, explained that the accused had been in Malta for 15 years with a clean criminal record. She also has a husband and children here, he said.

A conditional discharge was suggested by the parties. Fenech informed the court that his client was prepared to pay €500 for the stolen items.

The court put the case off for sentencing and will hand down judgment in August. Bail was granted in the interim against a personal guarantee of €300.