[WATCH] Police investigations into Gozo attack on Somali man still ongoing

Footage of the 27-year-old Somali man who resides in Żebbuġ, Gozo getting beaten and thrown into the sea emerged on Saturday

Footage of the attack surfaced on Saturday
Footage of the attack surfaced on Saturday

Investigations by the police into an incident which saw a black man being attacked by a group of 15 men, before being thrown into the sea in Gozo are still ongoing.

Footage of the incident which happened last week made the rounds on social media on Saturday.

The video shows the Somali man arguing with the other men, before an individual grabs the man and throws him into the sea at the Mgarr Harbour in Gozo.

He is then seen struggling to get out of the water, and when he does, he is once again manhandled by the men on the shore.

People in the vicinity can be heard cheering and whistling as the man is flung into the sea, with no one intervening.

The reason behind the incident is not yet known, with a police spokesperson confirming on Sunday that investigations into the case still ongoing.

On Monday, the police confirmed that at least one 21-year-old man will be charged with the attack, saying that more could follow suit when investigations are completed.

The 27-year-old Somali man, who resides in Żebbuġ, Gozo, suffered slight injuries.

In a Facebook post published last Sunday, an onlooker described how a "gang of 15 men" started beating up the Somali.

"After repeatedly beating him, he kept getting up trying to explain himself, and they kept beating the pulp out of him relentlessly," the post read. "At one point a ‘hero’ decided to show what a KING he was in front of a crowd of 100 cheering people, moved a dust bin, moved a table and to the disgusting roar of the horde he punched the guy from Somalia and threw him in the sea. At this point in time he hit his face with a boat."

"Not knowing if he could swim (he could have drowned), he pulled himself out embarrassed and humiliated and yet again tried to ask why they treated him like a dog," the post read.

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