Father of seven admits to sending children to shoplift toys

Man charged with using his five of his minor children to commit aggravated theft

A father of seven has been placed on probation after admitting to charges of using five of his minor children to commit aggravated theft.

The 38-year-old unemployed man, who cannot be named by court order, had been charged with using the children, aged five, eight, nine and 11 to shoplift toys from a toy store.

The court heard Inspector Matthew Grech explain how the man had instructed his children to steal a number of items, consisting of toys and electronic equipment from the shop. The charge of theft was aggravated by value, said the inspector.

The man was also charged with failing to give proper care to the children.

Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi told the court that the man would be pleading guilty. The man was placed on probation for three years.

Magistrate Charmaine Galea also appointed social workers to follow up the case.