Iklin shooting victim denies seeing person who shot him in the face

The victim says he didn't see anyone with a shotgun, and didn't know where the gunshot came from

The victim of a shooting has told the court compiling evidence against the man accused of firing at him that he hadn’t seen anyone with a shotgun and didn’t know where the gunshot came from.

Ryan Sultana, 24, of Iklin stands charged with shooting and grievously injuring a 55-year-old man, in a dispute thought to revolve around fraud. The victim, fraudster Vincent Xuereb, known by his nickname of “Ċensu 'L-Oranġjo,” was shot multiple times and left grievously wounded.

Sultana is accused of firing three shots at the man, with a shotgun. He was charged with grievous bodily harm, carrying a firearm during the commission of an offence against the person, causing Xuereb to fear violence, attacking Xuereb and exceeding the limits of provocation. He is also accused of failing to store his licenced shotgun in a proper manner, and violating the conditions of his licence.
Sultana was further charged with breaching the peace and misuse of electronic communications equipment.

Magistrate Monica Vella heard Xuereb testify as the case against Sultana continued this morning. The accused and victim knew each other as Xuereb would sometimes take Sultana to see his psychiatrist.

Xuereb said he had got out of his car to smoke a cigarette, allegedly carrying a plunger.

The next thing he knew he was shot, he said, adding that he didn’t hear the gunshot or know where it came from.

Lawyer George Camilleri from the Office of the Attorney General asked the witness how he didn’t know where the gunshot came from when the pellets all hit him in the face and upper chest, but Xuereb insisted that he didn’t know.

Sultana’s grandfather also testified, telling the court that he had arrived at the scene after the police. Officers were speaking to the victims and Xuereb was sitting on the kerb, alone. He had chastised Xuereb after he told his grandfather that he had fired the shot, said the witness.

The accused had problems with many people and was always asking for money, he added.

Sultana was released on bail this afternoon, against a deposit of €3000 an a personal guarantee of €4000. He was also ordered to sign a bail book twice weekly.

The case continues on November 4.

Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi is defence counsel.

Lawyer George Camilleri and Inspector Wayne Camilleri are prosecuting.

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