Union tells police officers not to wear full uniform during supplementary duties

Unsolved dispute remains following the axed Traffic Management services in August

The Malta Police Union issued directives to its members, so as from 6am on Sunday 26 September 2021, they are requested to wear the police issued t-Shirt, police baseball cap and police ID tag for identification, when performing supplementary duties.

Full normal working uniform must be worn for other duties.

This is in reaction to the unsolved dispute concerning the axed Traffic Management services, which decision, according the union, was taken without any consultation.

“The Malta Police Union considers this service as an opportunity for Police officers to gain extra income during their off duties,” said the union.

It said that the service is paid by the requestor of the service and only granted when a police officer is available, and added that it does not make to refuse the service, so it is never known when it will be requested.

“The Malta Police Force seems to have found this pandemic convenient to be used as an excuse for all its administrative inactions. We remind that at first, the excuse was that this service is degrading, now it’s the pandemic and lack of staff which if these conditions persist, will increase.”