Alex Dalli suspends himself after third prison suicide, Red Cross head is interim director

Red Cross chief Robert Brincau appointed interim CEO of Corradino Correctional Facility following the suspension of Alexander Dalli due to an ongoing investigation into the suicide of a prison inmate 

Prison director Alex Dalli
Prison director Alex Dalli

An inmate has been found dead inside his prison cell at the Corradino Correctional Facility.

The foreign inmate was found dead in the prison’s Division 4.

He is a 35-year-old Indian male, who is suspected of having committed suicide. He was found dead during the prison guard handover this morning.

Prison director Alexander Dalli, a retired army official, was suspended today following a meeting with home affairs minister Byron Camilleri.

The government said that Dalli had suspended himself.

Red Cross chief Robert Brincau has been appointed interim CEO. 

"Brincau runs the detention services, and in recent months has been implementing several important changes in the role, in particular in the areas of welfare and security," the Home Affairs Ministry said. 

A magisterial inquiry has been launched.

Corradino inquiry prompted by suicide attempt, gets two-month extension

Malta had the highest growth rate in incarceration between 2019 and 2020 (15.2% increase), followed by Cyprus (13.1%), Iceland (11.7%) and Croatia (10.3%).  

Malta also had the highest suicide rate in prisons – 25.2 per 10,000 inmates – after Iceland (61), which was however excluded from a general ranking since its population was less than 500,000.

‘Alexander Dalli must be removed immediately

Human rights advocacy group Aditus called for the head of Corradino Correctional Facility, Colonel Alexander Dalli, to be removed immediately. “No waiting for the conclusions of yet another inquiry, no suspension pending investigation and no resignation. He needs to be removed by Minister Byron Camilleri with immediate effect,” the NGO said. 

Graffitti activist André Callus said Dalli had repeatedly shown that he was a “dangerous individual” not only for prisoners but for society. “The person who runs the prison must bear the burden of these deaths and the damage being done to society.”

‘Home Affairs Minister should resign’ – Repubblika

Repubblika called for the resignation of Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri. “He must take political responsibility for his obstinacy which is costing the lives of more and more people entrusted to the State.”

Repubblika also called for prison director Alexander Dalli to be removed, saying it  had become clear that the lives entrusted in his care are “in danger”.

“His methods, his behaviour, and the ‘discipline’ he says he exercises in his own words to instil fear in prisoners, are the cause of another death in prison today,” the NGO said.

Repubblika pointed out that never before has the country seen so many deaths at the prison in such a short amount of time. “These death rates are unacceptable in any prison in a democracy,” the group said.

'Prison situation out of control' - ADPD

Byron Camilleri and Alex Dalli should be stripped of their positions "with immediate effect", ADPD - The Green Party said following the prison suicide. 

In a statement, the party emphasised that Dalli's self-suspension was not enough, while Camilleri is unable to take important decisions in a timely manner. 

Instead, the party reiterated that prison should be a place where human dignity is respected.

"The Home Affairs Minister has repeatedly propped up Dalli," party chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said. |The Minister, through lack of action, is an accomplice in the developing prison crisis. He is politically responsible for the repeated deaths and attempted suicides.”

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