PN wants repeal of powers to courts director to erase public judgements

MP Karol Aquilina says Opposition will present a motion in Parliament for its complete repeal

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The Nationalist Party will be presenting a motion for the repeal of a legal notice that formally grants the CEO of the Court Services Agency to “determine whether a person has valid grounds to exercise the right of erasure of personal data in respect of the content of a court judgment published online.”

Malta’s director-general of law courts has been granted unfettered authority to erase court judgements from a public government website, without any specific criteria laid down at law.

The courts director now has the discretion in deciding upon an application for the exercise of the right of erasure of personal data from a court judgment published on the website of the Court Services Agency.

In a reaction to the news PN MP Karol Aquilina said the Opposition will be presenting a motion for its complete repeal.

Aquilina informed that the legal notice was tabled in parliament two days earlier, although published earlier, and that the PN was still in time to oppose it.

“I confirm that the PN will be presenting a motion for the complete erasure of the legal notice,” he said.

“This is an abuse of the system and there should be no government agent with the power and rights to erase any sentences of public interest,” the MP said.

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