PN councillor charged with making false bomb report at Sliema restaurant

Shaun Farrugia was charged with making the false report to the police at 3am on 30 July

A PN local councillor has been charged with filing a false bomb threat report to the police at a Sliema restaurant.

Shaun Farrugia was brought to court on charges of making a false report to police, causing the workers and clients of a Sliema restaurant to fear that violence will be used against them, and using a communication device to threaten to commit a crime or other inappropriate use.

He was also charged with recidivism.

The incident appears to have happened on 30 July at 3am.

Farrugia pleaded guilty to the charges and requested a pre-sentencing report.

He was granted bail until the report is concluded against a €1,500 deposit and a personal guarantee of €6,500.

Farrugia must sign a bail book at the Sliema police station three times a week.

He was also ordered not to approach the restaurant in question until he is sentences.

Prosecution was led by Godwin Scerri. Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi appeared as defence counsel.