Man threatened to publish ex-girlfriend's nude photographs in custody spat

Man gets suspended sentence after admitting to charges of blackmail

Man gets suspended sentence after admitting to extortion
Man gets suspended sentence after admitting to extortion

A man has admitted to blackmail charges after threatening to publish nude photographs of his former partner if she denied him access to their son.

Alios Micallef, 25, from Birgu, was arraigned before Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit this morning by Inspector Omar Zammit, accused of blackmail, misuse of electronic telecommunications equipment and recidivism.

Sources said Micallef, whose previous brushes with the law include a conviction for aggravated theft and ongoing proceedings over aggravated drug possession, had repeatedly threatened his estranged former partner with publishing compromising photographs she had sent him earlier in their relationship.

The couple are understood to not have a formal custody agreement.

Micallef told the court that he worked as his grandmother’s carer. 

At the request of defence lawyer Alfred Abela, the court permitted the man’s lawyer and the prosecution inspector to approach the bench and discuss the case privately.

After returning to their places, the lawyer informed the court that Micallef would be pleading guilty as charged.

The magistrate handed the man a one-year prison sentence suspended for two years and ordered him to pay a €100 fine.

A two-year restraining order was also imposed, prohibiting him from approaching or following the movements of his ex-partner with the intention of harassing her, or molesting her. “You can only contact her about your son,” warned the court.