Man accused of detaining wife for nine days, subjecting her to physical and moral violence

The defence asked that an IT expert track the movements of the victim's mobile phone to understand whether was was really detained

A court has denied bail to a man accused of detaining his wife against her will for nine days, as well as beating her and causing her slight injuries.

The accused, a 39-year-old St. Julians resident of Syrian descent, was arraigned before Magistrate Josette Demicoli by inspector Audrey Micallef, on charges which include illegally arresting the woman, slightly injuring her, and repeatedly threatening her often in the presence of their children, as well as with using both physical and moral violence against her.

The woman is alleged to have been locked inside her home against her will between 14 and 23 October.

The defendant is also accused of beating the woman on 14 October after which she had to seek treatment at the Floriana Health Centre, as well as insulting and harassing the woman.

Defence lawyer Alfred Abela informed the court that his client was denying all the accusations made to the police by the woman and asked the court to appoint an IT expert to track the movements of her mobile phone in order to ascertain whether she had, in fact, been detained as she is claiming. The lawyer said he did not want to waste any time in establishing the truth in this case.

The prosecution, together with lawyer Noel Bianco, who is appearing for the victim, replied that this will happen during the first sitting of the compilation of evidence, when the alleged victim is also due to testify.

The court, however, denied the man’s bail request.