Man jailed for 11 months after stealing two mobile phones while drunk

The man admitted to the charges and said he deeply regretted his actions • He was charged for the present charges and for breaching an existing suspended sentence

A man who stole two mobile phones, allegedly while drunk, has been jailed for 11 months.

A 25-year-old Eritrean man, Omar Abdella Salih, appeared in the dock before Magistrate Ian Farrugia this evening, accused of stealing two mobile phones at St. Julians.

Inspectors Brian Xuereb and Keith Xerri, prosecuting, accused Salih of committing the theft yesterday morning.

Salih, who said he was unemployed and had no fixed address, was charged with theft, aggravated by value, breaching a suspended sentence and with living an idle and vagrant life. 

He admitted to the charges. 

Lawyer Martin Farrugia assisted the accused as legal aid. He told the court that his client had been drunk at the time and deeply regretted his actions.

The magistrate sentenced Salih to imprisonment for 6 months for the present charges as well as rendered the previously suspended 5 month sentence active.