Man imprisoned over Valletta electronics store theft

The man, who stole from a shop in Republic Street, was arrested by the police near the Triton Fountain

File photo
File photo

A 46-year-old Libyan man has been imprisoned for 10 months after admitting to a theft in Valletta on Saturday.

Ahmed Tarek Migrief Ftis was charged with theft in front of duty magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras on Sunday afternoon.

Earlier, the police said they were informed of the theft in Republic Street on Saturday.

Analysis of CCTV footage helped authorities to identify the culprit, who was found during police rounds near the Triton Fountain in Valletta.

He was subsequently arrested and taken to the Floriana lock-up for further interrogation.

Ahmed Tarek Migrief Ftis said that he was not employed, having sustained injuries in a traffic accident.

The defence argued the accused needed psychiatric help, and was sorry for his actions. The prosecution, led by Inspectors Daryl Borg and Gabriel Micallef, argued the accused’s police conduct was “colorful”, and he had already been imprisoned for theft.

Having heard both arguments, the magistrate handed the accused a prison sentence of 10 months.