Builder charged with insulting and threatening four police officers

Accused fined after causing disturbance at the Paola police station

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File photo

A builder who caused a disturbance at a police station has been fined after admitting to criminal charges.

Inspector Antonello Magri charged Joseph Camilleri, 49, of Zurrieq with insulting and threatening four police officers in Tarxien and at the Paola police station during the evening of April 19.

Camilleri, a builder, was also charged with insulting another man and threatening two other men with ‘arms improper’ - meaning an improvised weapon.

No further details about the incident emerged in open court, as the prosecuting inspector and the defence lawyer discussed the case after being allowed to approach the bench.

Lawyer Martin Farrugia was appointed by the court to assist Camilleri as legal aid counsel. The lawyer informed the court that the defendant was pleading guilty.

Inspector Magri did not insist on a prison sentence, suggesting a fine instead, but requested a protection order for the man initial

Farrugia agreed with the proposed punishment, submitting that his client was currently finding his feet while battling alcohol addiction.

Noting the early guilty plea and the submissions on punishment, the court found Camilleri guilty and fined him €900. Farrugia asked that the defendant be allowed to settle the fine in monthly instalments, as he had recently stopped working. 

The magistrate pointed out that he had just told the court that he was a builder, but Farrugia replied that he had recently stopped working because of an eye condition.

The defendant was allowed to pay the fine in monthly instalments of €100 over a nine-month period.