Lilu King money laundering case: Accused found guilty of attempting to influence witness

Witness had said he had been approached by the defendants and told to mislead the court

Mohaned Ali Ahmed Massarati (Photo: Facebook)
Mohaned Ali Ahmed Massarati (Photo: Facebook)

Mohaned Ali Ahmed Massarati, 31, has received a suspended prison sentence after being found guilty of attempting to suborn a witness in ongoing court proceedings against Libyan boxer Mohammed Ali El Elmushraty.

Massarati, a Libyan national, had been charged last June together with a compatriot of his, 27 year-old Mahmoud Mustafa Mohammed Aldabah.

The charges were issued after a witness told the court compiling evidence in the separate criminal case against Elmushraty, better known by his nickname “Lilu King,” who is accused of participation in organised crime, money laundering and tax evasion, that he had been approached by the defendants and told to mislead the court

In a decision handed down on Tuesday, Magistrate Caroline Farrugia Frendo declared Massarati guilty of subornation and recidivism but cleared Aldabah, as the witness in question had told the court that only Massarati would speak to him.

Massarati was sentenced to imprisonment for 24 months, suspended for four years.

Police inspectors Marshall Mallia and Tomjoe Farrugia prosecuted.

Lawyers Arthur Azzopardi, Jacob Magri and Charles Merceica were defence counsel.