Updated| Two divers die off Żonqor

The divers were brought ashore by an AFM patrol boat and taken to hospital. One diver was pronounced dead shortly afterwards 

The men were rescued 1.4 miles off the coast
The men were rescued 1.4 miles off the coast

Two Polish scuba divers have died following an incident on Saturday.

According to a statement issued by the Police, the Armed Forces of Malta had answered a distress call 1.4 miles off the coast of Żonqor, Marsaskala at around 10:30am. 

Initial investigations carried out by the police, who appear to have only been informed two hours later, indicate that the AFM patrol boat had rescued the pair of divers from another boat.

A medical team administered first aid to the men as soon as they arrived on dry land, and they were then rushed to hospital by ambulance.

Unfortunately, one of the divers was declared dead shortly afterwards. The other man died hours later.

Police said the men were 45 and 48 years old.

The police are investigating the incident, which is also the subject of a magisterial inquiry.