Roadblocks lead to three arrests over drug possession in Gozo

Police on the alert as thousands make their way to the Nadur Carnival.

A series of roadblocks by police stationed in Gozo resulted in drug finds as police arrested another two youths in the past hours.

At around 4.45pm, a 22-year old from Tarxien was arrested after a resin of cannabis was found in his possession.

Shortly after, a 19-year old from St Julian’s was also arrested for possessing cannabis.

They were stopped by the police at the Mgarr harbour.

The drug finds follow another discovery made on Friday evening, where a 19-year old Gozitan was carrying four packets of cannabis and drug related objects. He was arrested and taken to the Rabat police station.

Fully agree with the 1st comment. Waste of tax payer's money using policemen to wait around and arrest youngsters just for a joint which does not harm anyone as normal ciggs and alcahol do. Is it not best to use these policemen to hide all night in Mosta to catch the animal pervert i say?
This is ridiculous arresting people for possession of some cannabis do sent the police have any more serious matters to attend to its not like they where going to harm anyone. these laws must be updated as soon as possible