Man sends wreath to colleague's wife before appearing in court

Two former bank employees claim they harassed each other, with both of them being forced to quit their jobs

Two former bank employees are claiming harassment by each other with one of them sending a wreath in his colleague’s name for the ‘funeral’ of the other man’s wife, although the woman was alive and kicking.

The couple were informed about the wreath by a flower shop and the following week, the wife was to take the witness stand in a court case against the other man.

The incident was reported to the police after the couple ruled out that it was a genuine mistake. The culprit was traced when investigators found that he had left his phone number with the flower shop attendant.

The victim was placed under a protection order by a court on 8 October 2013.

In today’s sitting, the wife took the stand saying the two men had been close friends for a long time. “I don’t understand what happened and why they fell out. He called at our house regularly, then all of a sudden this happened”, she said.

Questioned by defence lawyer Tonio Azzopardi if she knew why her husband was bullied by his former friend, the woman replied “My husband is a quiet man and well respected”.

The reason behind the aggravations has yet to be established.

In 2012, her husband went on sick leave for three months after suffering depression due to the bullying from his colleague. He returned to work only to quit after severe anxiety attacks.  

In the meantime the other man had been transferred to another branch but kept calling at the other’s office. “He told me that he gave him sarcastic looks which made my husband nervous”, the witness said.

In a separate incident paint was thrown on the facade of their residence, and their doorbell was rung for over three minutes in the early hours of the morning. Both incidents are being investigated, and officers have requested the CCTV footage from the couple’s house.

However, the other man is also claiming harassment after his employment was terminated by the bank following his transfer to another branch.

The next sitting will see witnessed being officially summoned, after three people today turned up at court to give evidence after being asked to do so by the couple. No official summons had been issued.

Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit put off the case for November.

Lawyers Tonio Azzopardi and Yanika Bugeja are representing the two men.

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