Man not in danger of losing life after Hal Far altercation

Police trying to establish whether he 26-year-old Somali national could have been stabbed or fell on a sharp object during an argument.

File photo
File photo

A 26-year-old Somali national admitted to Mater Dei Hospital suffering from grievous wounds in the chest, is not in danger of losing his life,  police sources have told MaltaToday.

The CMRU said the man had been involved in an argument with a resident of the Hal Far open centre for migrants on Monday night at 11:40pm, with the result that the 26-year-old being admitted to hospital.

It was believed that the man had been stabbed by a sharp and pointed instrument. MaltaToday is informed that the police are still investigating whether a weapon was actually used, or whether the man fell to ground and injured his chest on impact.

An ambulance was dispatched to the scene and the victim was rushed to Mater Dei Hospital. District Police, headed by Inspector Melvyn Camilleri, investigate the case, leading to the arrest of the other person involved in the argument.

Since the victim was never admitted to the ITU after it was established that his life was not in danger, the duty magistrate called off the inquiry. Police sources said it was not being ruled out that the man might have consumed alcohol and not fully in his senses at the time of the injury.

The police have arrested the other man to assit them in their investigations.

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