Norwegian youth fined, handed suspended sentence for stalking Maltese crush

Norwegian youth fixated about Maltese crush fined, handed suspended jail term after pleading guilty to harassing and insulting Maltese love interest.

A 25-year-old Norwegian youth was today handed a suspended jail term and fined €500 after being convicted of harassing his Maltese crush.

Sources close to the investigation said that the accused, Steffen Sorvik, had met his victim, Stacy Giordmaina, while playing on an online casino. Eventually, the accused and the victim – who operates casino tables online – started exchanging text messages and emails.

However, the “relationship” between the two turned sour when the accused became “fixated and obsessed with his victim.” The court heard that Sorvik continuously harassed his victim by sending her "several emails and text messages."

Moreover, the court heard that despite the victim ignoring the accused’s advances, he nevertheless came to Malta in September to see her.

However, despite being repeatedly rejected, Sorvik, continued to harass his victim, contacting her via email, text messages, as well as Facebook.

In her decree, Magistrate Charmaine Galea warned Sorvik that if he continues to harass his victim, he would be sent to prison. Moreover, she insisted if there was ever a relationship, this had ended.

She consequently handed him a one-month imprisonment term suspended for two years and fined him €500.

Moreover, the court ordered the victim not to approach the victim for at least two years.

Inspector Roderick Agius prosecuted.