Probation for woman who fabricated sexual abuse claims against father

20-year-old Leanne Camilleri placed under three year probation, ordered to do 100 hours of community service after admitting to have falsely testified that her father had raped her.

Leanne Camilleri – the daughter who admitted to fabricating sexual abuse claims against her father – has been placed under a probation order for three years and ordered to do 100 hours of community service.

The judgment was handed down this morning by Magistrate Doreen Clarke, who after liaising with the accused’s prosecution officer during previous sittings, decreed that a probation order would suffice.

Camilleri admitted to lying and to falsely testify that her father had raped her several times.

The allegations go back to 2004 when the accused was still eight years old, but after the allegations were recanted after the 20-year-old daughter revealed that he had been forced into lying against her father while further medical exams revealed that she was still a virgin.

In May 2012, Emanuel Camilleri, 48, was sentenced to two years behind bars after being convicted of sexually abusing her daughter. Nearly 400 days later, the accused’s father was released on an interim measure after the constitutional court had upheld the defence’s plea.

In its pre-sentencing report in August, probation officer Antonio Spagnol told the court that “she [Leanne] should seek psychiatric help and that a three year probation, and 100 hours of community service would suffice.”

The probation officer also explained to the court that when she interrogated the father, the latter told her that even though he forgives his daughter for lying under oath, he is aware that she [Leanne] has to shoulder her responsibility for her actions.

The case has since seen Leanne’s mother, Lisa May Camilleri, face charges of instigating her daughter to lie under oath and to perjury. She was subsequently placed under a bill of indictment.

Moreover, Emanuel Camilleri is currently undergoing constitutional proceedings against inspector Louise Calleja, the Attorney General, and the Police Commissioner where he is claiming that his right to fair trial was breached.

Inspector Sandro Camilleri prosecuted while Lawyer Maxiline Ciantar represented Leanne Camilleri.