Dutchman charged with violent indecent assault, banned from going to Paceville

25-year-old Dutchman granted bail after pleading not guilty to violent indecent assault and to harassing and slightly injuring alleged victim.

A 25-year-old Dutchman who allegedly followed his victim home and groped her before running away, has this afternoon pleaded not guilty to harassing and slightly injuring his victim.

Biondy Clayd Raafenberg, an iGaming employee residing in Naxxar, was also charged with indecent assault, resisting arrest, and with escaping police custody.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The alleged incident occurred on Thursday at around 4am, when the victim was at Havana club in Paceville, where the accused is said to have harassed her.

While the victim was walking home to Swieqi, the Dutchman allegedly assaulted and groped the woman.

The victim resisted her assailant and managed to phone her mother, who in turn called the police station.

Subsequently, the victim then gave officers a brief description of the man who proceeded to patrol the area in Paceville. The Dutchman was subsequently arrested near Burger King in Paceville after the victim recognised him as her assailant.

While under police custody, the Dutchman is said to have managed to escape from police custody but was apprehended a few moments after – a charge disputed by the defence which is claiming that the police assaulted and injured their client.

Moreover, in its submissions, the defence insisted that it was a case of mistaken identity, as the accused was only recognised by his clothes.

Notwithstanding the sensitive nature of the offence, Magistrate Aaron Bugeja denied the defence’s request for the sitting to be held behind closed doors since the victim and the accused are over 18 – rather than minors.

The court ordered that the prosecution exhibits the CCTV footage of nearby.

In its decision, the court granted the man bail against a deposit of €3,000 and a personal guarantee of €7,000. The court also banned the Dutchman from going to Paceville and from approaching the alleged victim.

Inspector Trevor Micallef prosecuted, while Lawyers Albert Zerafa and Valentina Lattughi represented the accused.