Thief jailed for three years after stealing art, chandeliers

Court says it has no other choice but to jail 29-year-old man after latest conviction

A 29-year-old sprayer from Paola with a severe drug problem was today jailed for three years after pleading guilty to burling a house in Hal-Tarxien to sustain his drug habit.

Christian Bonello also admitted to handling stolen property, to relapsing, and to committing the crime during the operative period of a suspended sentence.

Standing before the court, Bonello admitted to burgling a house in Triq il-Lampuka, Hal Tarxien, and to making off with the loot, including several art pieces and tools.

The accused also admitted to stealing bathroom mixers, electrical light fittings and crystal chandeliers with a total value of not more than €2,300.

In its decree, the court, presided by Magistrate Francesco Depasquale, argued that since the accused has been leading a life of crime, it had no other choice but to jail Bonello.

Consequently, Magistrate Depasquale jailed the man for three years and ordered that undergoes a drug rehabilitation programme.

Lawyer Duncan Borg Myatt was defence counsel, while Police Inspectors Spiridione Zammit and Hubert Cini led the prosecution.