Man offered penknife for cocaine before stabbing drug buddy

51-year-old Cospicua man allegedly stabbed drug buddy while abusing of cocaine in house just metres away of police station, court hears.

A drug user who wanted drugs in exchange for a penknife stabbed his drug buddy while abusing of cocaine in a house a few metres away from the Cospicua police station, a court heard today.

This revelation was made this morning during the compilation of evidence against 51-year-old Julian Cuschieri “Il-Gillu”, who is charged with stabbing Stefano Caruana very close to the heart after an argument broke out when the two were allegedly sharing cocaine.

Testifying, Police Sergeant Arthur Rizzo told the court that the incident occurred on 21 October at about midnight when the victim was allegedly stabbed by the accused while abusing of cocaine in a house in Triq l-Inkurunazzjoni in Cospicua owned by a certain Angus Vella.

The sergeant explained that police had been alerted of the case and Caruana’s injuries, after the victim, as well as his girlfriend, were heard shouting outside that “Il-Gillu had stabbed Caruana.”

Caruana – who was spotted holding his chest and in pain – was subsequently hospitalised where he was certified to be suffering from critical injuries due to the stab wounds.

“When I spoke to Caruana at hospital he told me that on the day, he and Cuschieri [the accused] had been abusing of cocaine. He told me that Cuschieri wanted drugs in exchange for a penknife, and when he turned down the offer, Cuschieri stabbed him in the chest,” he said.

Corroborating Cuschieri’s testimony, police constable John Paul Young, said that after the incident, Cuschieri – who is “well known to the police” – was spotted walking down the street and arrested.

Moreover, the police told the court that a search for the penknife allegedly used in the stabbing proved fruitless.

The victim’s condition has since improved, and is currently facing proceedings over cocaine possession.

Lawyer Christopher Chircop was legal aid while Police Inspector Josric Mifsud was defence counsel.

Magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit presided. The case has been adjourned until November 17.