Court hears how inmate's mother admitted attempting to deliver drugs in courtroom

Courts hears witnesses testify an incident that took place inside a courtroom last month

A court has heard a female police officer testify that an inmate’s mother had admitted to passing a package containing drugs to an accused person inside a courtroom last month.

The police officer was testifying in the compilation of evidence against 37-year-old Jason Decelis, who is pleading not guilty to charges of receiving a package, containing cocaine and heroin, at the law courts, with the intent to sell them at Corradino Correctional Facility.

Decelis was convicted for his part in the 2001 murder by omission of 18-year-old Rachel Bowdler.

Bowdler, whose body was found by a farmer in a field outside Mġarr, had suffered an overdose. Decelis and his parents had balked at the prospect of taking her to hospital, choosing to dump the young woman in a field instead.

From the witness stand, WPC Louise Cuschieri told Magistrate Ian Farrugia that Rita Zammit, whose son is in prison for an unconnected offence, was observed passing something to Decelis while he was waiting for his case to be heard by Magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras in January.

She said that during a body search Zammit had admitted to smuggling the drugs. Zammit is facing separate criminal proceedings for this act.

Police inspector Nikolai Sant told the court how police officers had searched the courtroom after Zammit was observed handing something to the accused. The officers found a capsule containing heroin, cocaine and steroid following the search.

Several other police officers testified to seeing Zammit acting suspiciously. One sergeant saw her enter the courtroom moments after the accused, taking a seat next to him. After confirming his identity, she reached into her handbag and slipped something into Decelis’ jacket pocket.

Lawyers Jason Azzopardi and Kris Busietta are appearing for Decelis.

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