Police officers ordered to declare all financial, business interests

Circular issued to police officers asks them to declare any financial and business interests they might have, including part-time work

A circular issued by the Chief of Police has ordered all police officers to declare any financial or business interests they might have, MaltaToday has learnt.

The officers, within all ranks, must also declare any part-time work they may be carrying out. The declarations will then be assessed.

The circular was issued following the publication of a report by Judge Michael Mallia which found police officers’ business interests had compromised discharge of their duties.

According to the Code of Ethics, public officers are required to obtain permission before undertaking any private work outside their official duties. Public officers should also avoid any financial or other undertaking that could directly or indirectly compromise the performance of their duties.

Article 9 of Chapter 164 also states that police officers must dedicate their full time to serve the Police Force, unless permission would have been granted by the Police Commissioner.

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