Man fined for knocking down cyclist, magistrate calls for more road awareness

72-year-old Kercem resident Joseph Camilleri was fined €1,000 for knocking down and grievously injuring a cyclist last year

A magistrate has called for better road awareness in a sentence handed down today. Joseph Camilleri, a 72-year old pensioner from Kercem was slapped with a fine for causing a traffic incident which caused a cyclist to be grievously injured in Gharb, Gozo last year.

Magistrate Jose Mifsud fined the man €1,000 and suspended his driving licence for eight days after he knocked down Marvic Mizzi, a professional cyclist. Mizzi suffered facial and dental injuries as a result of the accident. His bicycle was also extensively damaged.

Camilleri, who claimed that the cyclist had been looking down at the time, was found guilty of driving negligently, driving on the wrong side of the road and failing to signal before changing direction.

The court appealed to motorists to pay more attention to those with whom they share the road, but also highlighted the futility of promoting alternative methods of personal transport, such as cycling, when taking into consideration the added danger to those who choose them.

Magistrate Mifsud referred to a 2005 sentence by the Court of Criminal Appeal in which the court had held that a prison sentence would be disproportionate in the case of an involuntary traffic accident.