No school for San Anton students after wall collapses

School administration advised not to open its doors on Friday after a wall collapsed at San Anton

Photo: Siiri Skerker/Facebook
Photo: Siiri Skerker/Facebook

San Anton School in Zebbiegh will remain closed on Friday after a wall collapsed earlier Thursday afternoon, during school hours.

No one was injured, but at least three cars were badly damaged by the bricks. The collapse of the lateral wall of a hall is believed to have been caused by strong winds as the three-storey structure is still under construction.

Children in classes overlooking the site were immediately evacuated.

Photo: Siiri Skerker/Facebook
Photo: Siiri Skerker/Facebook

A circular issued by the administration attempted to reassure parents that all works were being carried out in accordance with “proper building practice and health and safety regulations”.

“We are further informed that the incident occurred as a result of an exceptionally strong gust of wind that struck the wall which was still under construction and that no measures could have been taken to avoid or pre-empt the incident,” the parents were told.

The administration held meetings with all those involved in the construction project, including the contractor, architect and health and safety consultants. Furthermore, a decision was taken to keep the school closed tomorrow.

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