Briton given 2 days to pay €4000 fine for Paceville assault on police

Harvey Harry Hawkins pleaded guilty to charges of assaulting police and other public order offences

A 20-year-old British tourist had been ordered to pay a €4,000 fine by Monday on pain of not being allowed to return to the UK, after he admitted to assaulting a number of police officers in Paceville last night.

Inspector Trevor Micallef arraigned Harvey Harry Hawkins before Magistrate Francesco Depasquale today after the incident, which happened at approximately 3am this morning in St George's Road, Sliema.

The defendant was also charged with causing slight bodily harm to a police officer, breaching the peace and being drunk in public.

Hawkins pleaded guilty to the charges and apologised for his actions, promising not to repeat them.

He was ordered to pay the fine in full by Monday, the court telling him that he would not be allowed to return to the UK until he did.

Police inspector Trevor Micallef prosecuted. Lawyer Benjamin Valenzia was legal aid to the accused.