Association says woman who claimed police beating was caught on camera harming herself

Malta Police Association says woman who accused police of beating her up was caught on camera banging her head against a bench

A woman who accused police officers of beating her up was caught on camera harming herself, according to the Malta Police Association.

A camera that was recording at the Valletta police station caught the woman in the act, as she banged her head against the bench, before she levelled the accusations against the officers.

The woman made the allegations after she was arrested by the Valletta district officers.

In a statement, the MPA said the incident only served to reconfirm the repeated requests made by the association to the Home Affairs Ministry, to have cameras installed in all police stations.

“This is the sort of attitude which officers face on a daily basis. Whilst officers would be carrying out their duty, such lies cast shadows on their credibility and integrity,” it said.

The MPA said similar stories end up on the media, whilst police officers have to continuously defend themselves from those who mastermind such lies, exploiting the weaknesses of the criminal justice system.

The association also called on police officers to understand the importance of having CCTV systems installed in police stations.

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