Saudi-born man jailed for living off partner's earnings from prostitution

Alexander Testi was charged with living off the earning of the prostitution of his partner, who had filed a police report

A Saudi-born Italian citizen has been jailed for living off the earnings of prostitution.

Inspector John Spiteri charged Alexander Testi with knowingly living off the earnings of sex work carried out by his partner. The Police had intervened after his partner had gone to the police station and filed a report, having had enough of being exploited.

Lawyer Martin Fenech confirmed that there was no objection to his client's arrest. Testi, 32, born in Riyadh in Saudi, told the court that he was formerly a casino dealer but is now unemployed.

He pleaded guilty to the charges.

"I was her boyfriend for six months. She was happy working as a prostitute. We had a fight the day before," he said. The accused could not understand what she was alleging, the court was told.

Inspector Spiteri pointed out that he wasn't being charged with forcing her into prostitution but only with living off the earnings of a prostitute. He asked that the court give a sentence that would deter others from committing similar offenses. "We have reached a point in Malta where everything goes and unless the correct message is sent, we risk an greater influx of foreign escorts and prostitutes."

The Magistrate was heard to opine that Malta's problem was that Maltese society enjoyed many rights, but few duties.

In view of the man's guilty plea the court imposed a six month prison sentence and fined him €50. A protection order was also imposed for the maximum period of three years, prohibiting him from approaching the victim.

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