Homeless man denies stealing from airport shop

A man, 45, from Georgia was arraigned in court today after being captured on security camera footage, stealing from an eyewear outlet at Malta International Airport

A homeless Georgian man has denied stealing items from an eyewear outlet at Malta International Airport.

Sasania Zaza, 45, from Abkhazia, in Georgia, was arraigned by police Inspector Louise Calleja before magistrate Monica Vella this morning, accused of theft.

Inspector Calleja said that Zaza had been captured on security camera footage, in the act of taking two glasses from a shop in the public area of the airport yesterday afternoon. The man was arrested after being identified from the footage, which shows him placing the stolen glasses in a bag, which was later recovered from an area behind the airport, the inspector explained.

Zaza, who told police that he is homeless and would sleep “near the sea,” had a pending application for asylum, the court was told.

Lawyer Noel Cutajar said his client was denying taking the items and was therefore pleading not guilty. “I’ve seen the footage, but in the circumstances he’s pleading not guilty,” the lawyer said.

Bail was not requested. The man was remanded in custody.     

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