Police capture man wanted for Tigné Point jewellery hold up

Albanian wanted for the hold up at Diamonds International in TIgné, attempted to shoot at police officers as they captured him on Thursday night at a Paceville bar

Two robbers targeted the Diamonds International outlet in Tigne
Two robbers targeted the Diamonds International outlet in Tigne

An Albanian man believed to be one of the two armed and masked robbers who targeted Diamonds International at Tigné earlier this month was caught in Paceville last night.

Police officers on patrol in Paceville are believed to have recognised the man while he was having a drink at a well-known bar with another Albanian man. When the officers approached, the man drew a gun on them but it failed to fire.

Both men were arrested but it is not yet known whether the drinking companion had anything to do with the crime.

The police had released a photo of one of the robbers, Ramazan Hysa, soon after the hold up and issued a European Arrest Warrant.

The two men got away with jewellery worth tens of thousands after storming into the shop armed with batons, a shotgun and an axe. The two were wearing masks and wigs and got away in a white car, before abandoning it in Gzira and continuing their escape on a quad bike.

A private security officer was injured after one of the robbers hit him in the head with the butt of the shotgun, which was used to fire a shot in the air.

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