Thieves jailed for stealing items worth over €5,000 from airport

Two Romanian nationals have been jailed for 13 months, after being detained by police as they attempted to board a flight

Two Romanian nationals have been jailed for 13 months each, after they admitted to robbing two airport shops right before embarking a flight.

Andrei Danica, 45, and Marius Nicuta, 41, were detained by police as they attempted to board a flight at Malta International Airport.

Police were informed yesterday afternoon that the men had stolen cosmetic products and other items from shops at the airport’s departure lounge.

The men’s three suitcases were found to contain over €5,000 worth of stolen items.

Police said that the men came to Malta with the sole aim of stealing.

Lawyer Benjamin Valenzia entered a guilty plea on behalf of the accused, who appeared nonplussed as the court handed them both 13-month effective prison sentences.

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