Jealous husband jailed for six years over wife's 2012 stabbing

Accused pleaded guilty to attempted murder, harassment, intimidation, carrying a knife without a licence, and slightly injuring two men

A jealous husband who tried to stab his estranged wife to death - and nearly succeeded - has been jailed for six years. Kevin Micallef, 41, of Zurrieq, pleaded guilty so as to avoid a trial by jury over for the May 2012 attempted homicide of his wife, whom he stabbed with a penknife. The woman suffered grievous injuries and had been in a critical condition, in danger of dying.

Micallef's bill of indictment states that the man had been married to the victim, and had a daughter with her before the marriage broke down and the couple filed separation proceedings.

Over the years, the wife had befriended another man, which had not gone down well with the accused, who refused to accept this situation.

He had started shadowing her movements and would borrow a friend's car to do so. Micallef would also keep a penknife in the car which he intended to stab his wife with.

On May 4 2012, Micallef put his plan into action, going to Birkirkara to his wife's new friend's bar, waiting outside for her to leave. The woman had left at around 10:30pm, accompanied by the bar owner. She had told the police how she had noticed a car following hers with its high beams on.

When she had stopped and got out of the car to see what the problem was, Kevin Micallef had emerged from his vehicle and stabbed the woman repeatedly in her abdomen and chest, causing serious internal injuries. The victim required life saving surgery to stabilise her condition.

After assaulting his wife, Micallef had turned the knife on himself and was taken to hospital with a number of self-inflicted stab wounds in his abdomen.

Micallef pleaded guilty to seven heads of indictment: attempted murder, harassment, intimidation, carrying a knife without a licence and slightly injuring another two men in the struggle.

Judge Antonio Mizzi, presiding the Criminal Court, having seen the guilty plea, jailed Micallef for six years and fined him €116.47.

Lawyers Edward Gatt and Albert Zerafa appeared for Micallef, whilst lawyers Franco Debono and Amadeus Cachia appeared in parte civile for the victim.

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