Six years’ jail for Popa, former lover of Mintoff Bland who stabbed her

Former lover of Mintoff scion Yana Mintoff Bland gets six years in jail for attacking partner with a knife after she threw him out of her house

George Popa, 40, has been sentenced to six years in jail
George Popa, 40, has been sentenced to six years in jail

The former partner of Yana Mintoff Bland, daughter of the erstwhile Labour prime minister Dom Mintoff, has been sentenced to six years in jails for her stabbing.

The court presided by Magistrate Joe Mifsud found Gheorge Popa guilty on five of the 12 charges against him, and placed Mintoff Bland and her son Daniel Mainwaring, under a protection order.

The stabbing incident happened at Mintoff Bland’s Tarxien residence.

Magistrate Mifsud said the the grievous crime had serious implications for the rest of society. “We are seeing a society where relationships are formed on weak foundations or through social networking, and that when these relationships fails few understand that they already had an expiry date. We’re witnessing cases where former lovers stalk one another, create tension and fear for the other party, finally having to face the consequences of justice.”

Yana Mintoff Bland
Yana Mintoff Bland

Mifsud said Popa’s attack on Mintoff Bland was informed by his partner’s desire to end the relationship because of his abusive manner, and said Popa was a danger not only to Mintoff Bland but to society in general.

“The Court will send a strong message about this type of violence, which can never be accepted, and it sends this message to those people in difficulty to exit from an abusive relationship or because their partners exert some influence over them. The court reminds the public that no form of domestic violence will ever be acceptable.”

Popa, 40, was accused of detaining Mintoff Bland against her will, attempting to grievously injure her, slightly injuring her and her son with a bladed instrument, carrying a weapon during the commission of a crime against the person, carrying a knife in public without a police license, attacking Mintoff Bland and her son with a knife and making verbal threats on 25 October, 2016.

Popa was also accused of harassing the woman, causing her to fear he would use violence against her in the months leading up to the stabbing, arson and causing criminal damage.

In previous sittings, the court was told that 40-year-old Popa had set fire to the house, after stabbing Mintoff in a jealous rage. It also emerged that Popa had been stabbed four times and nearly died as a result of the incident at Mintoff’s villa in Tarxien.

Forensic evidence had showed the woman was injured with a knife, as she had been carrying a suitcase filled with Popa’s belongings down a flight of stairs.

When mother and son fled the scene, the alleged aggressor went up to the roof, as evidenced by traces of blood along the way, but not before having set fire to the house, the court was told.

Popa was represented by defence counsel Benjamin Valenzia, while lawyer Joe Giglio was in parte civile lawyer for Mintoff Bland. Inspector Spiridione Zammit prosecuted.

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