Patrick Spiteri to leave prison on bail on Christmas Day

Disbarred lawyer Patrick Spiteri was granted bail on grounds of his medical condition

The criminal court has granted bail to ex-lawyer Patrick Spiteri, and he can now leave prison on Christmas Day.

The court argued that Spiteri, who was diagnosed with Behcet’s syndrome, should not be held in prison as the environment was not fit for his condition, which was allegedly worsening.

Following his extradition from the UK in May, Spiteri was brought back to Malta and held under preventative arrest, awaiting criminal proceedings over the misappropriation and fraud totaling €7.4 million. He was arrested on at least seven European Arrest Warrants.

Spiteri was freed on a bail of €15,000 and personal guarantee of €25,000 following alterations to the bail conditions.

Conditions of bail require Spiteri to report to the St.Julian’s police station every day and not leave his home between 8pm and 8am. He is not allowed to leave the islands unless granted explicit permission from the court.

The criminal court has revoked a previous bail decree granted by magistrate Claire Stafrace Zammit following an application by the Attorney General last month, but refused a request to revoke the decree this month.

The criminal court, presided over by Justice Antonio Mizzi, proclaimed that Spiteri is to be “assessed attentively so that he might be held in an environment which would minimise the negative effects of his illness.”

Lawyer Stefano Filletti was defence counsel.

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