Bahamas Ponzi scheme: psychiatrist to assess Dalli sisters’ co-accused after stroke

A psychiatrist must evaluate whether a woman accused of running a Ponzi scheme is fit to stand trial after suffering a stroke

Eloise Corbin (left), John Dalli, and Louise Dalli (right)
Eloise Corbin (left), John Dalli, and Louise Dalli (right)

A psychiatrist will evaluate whether one of the women accused of running a Ponzi scheme that fleeced evangelical Christians out of millions of dollars, is fit to stand trial after having suffered a stroke.

It happened as the case against John Dalli’s daughters Louise Dalli and Claire Gauci Borda, and Charles Ray Jackson, Robert Mitchell McIvor, Eloise Marie Corbin Klein and Elizabeth Jackson continued before magistrate Aaron Bugeja today.

Dr Mario Scerri, who was appointed by the court to see whether Corbin Klein and Jackson had any medical impediment to appear in court, said Corbin Klein had mobility issues but could, in principle, attend court sittings if specialized transport is provided.

Jackson had suffered a stroke and had difficulty in communicating, he said. Dr Scerri recommended that a psychiatrist be appointed to evaluate her mental state.  

The move was unusual, in that a court appointed the psychiatrist without any request from one of the parties. While the defence counsel did not request the appointment of a psychiatrist, the court ordered that the accused’s state be evaluated to see whether she is in a position to stand for trial.

Corbin Kelin and Jackson did not attend due to health reasons. Dalli and Gauci Borda appeared in court for the sitting.

The police filed money laundering, misappropriation and fraud charges against the accused in November, with Gauci Borda alone being charged with breaching the Money Laundering And Financing Of Terrorism Act and failing to properly carry out her professional duties as an accountant and auditor.

All six are charged with money laundering, misappropriation of funds, fraud, making a false declaration to a public authority and the falsification and use of falsified documents.

The Ponzi scheme, first reported by assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia back in 2015, was allegedly run by Eloise Marie Corbin Klein, operating under a number of aliases. The woman was later investigated by the FBI for having allegedly scammed Americans out of some $600,000 by posing as a Christian missionary and convincing them to invest their savings into an African mining project.

Instead the money was funneled into two Maltese companies – Tyre Ltd and Corporate Group – owned by Louise Dalli and Claire Gauci Borda and which are registered at John Dalli’s home address in Portomaso.

Inspector Yvonne Farrugia prosecuted. Dr Stefano Filletti and Dr Stephen Tonna Lowell appeared for the Dalli sisters, Dr Arthur Azzopardi appeared for Klein, the Jacksons and McIvor.

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