Thief handed two-year sentence despite returning all but €50

A Ugandan man has been jailed for stealing €30,000 from the Bacchus Winery in Fontana, Gozo

A man from Uganda has been jailed for two years for stealing €30,000 from the Bacchus Winery in Fontana, Gozo on February 28, despite paying back all but €50. 

William Boakye, 37, was accused of having on the 21 February and during the previous months, committed crimes of theft and misappropriation from the winery.

The man admitted to theft, but not misappropriation. The court observed that the latter charge was an alternative to the first and took no further cognizance of the misappropriation charge.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud heard the accused declare that he felt “extremely sorry” for what happened and ask for forgiveness, which was granted by the victim.

The winery owner declared that he would be accepting the €29,950 which the accused had deposited in court in full and final settlement of all claims against the accused.

Finding the accused guilty of the first charge brought against him, the court condemned him to 2 years’ imprisonment.

 Inspector Bernard Charles Spiteri prosecuted.

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