Drug suspect granted bail two weeks after 3kg of cannabis found in his bedroom

The magistrate released the man against a deposit of €7,000, a personal guarantee of €25,000 and an obligation to sign a bail book daily

Two weeks after being arrested following the discovery of a 3kg cannabis stash inside his bedroom, a young Qawra man has been released on bail.

Mark Anthony Vassallo, a 25-year-old bar owner had been arraigned on May 1, denying charges of aggravated possession of drugs in circumstances which indicated that they were not for his personal use.

Vassallo himself had handed members from the Drugs Squad three one-kilo bags of cannabis resin and some 92 self-seal sachets as the officers executed a search warrant on the man’s home.

Also discovered were €6,000 in cash, 14 pieces of cannabis resin and other drug paraphernalia.

As the compilation of evidence continued on Tuesday, defence lawyer Franco Debono requested bail, arguing that his client had a near-spotless criminal record, the fact that investigations had reached an advanced stage as well as the fact that there were no civilian witnesses to testify.

The accused had cooperated fully with investigators, Debono added.

Magistrate Neville Camilleri delivered his decree on bail from chambers, releasing the man from arrest against a deposit of €7,000, a personal guarantee of €25,000 and an obligation to sign a bail book daily.

Inspector Frank Anthony Tabone prosecuted.

Lawyers Franco Debono and Mario Mifsud were defence counsel.

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