No bail for man accused of raping barista

The man is accused of allegedly raping a 21-year-old woman, holding her against her will, and slightly injuring her 

A Libyan man has been remanded in custody after allegedly raping a Maltese woman whom he had befriended at a Valletta coffee shop.

Mustafa Abu Seadah was arraigned on Sunday by police inspector Daryl Borg, who accused him of rape, holding the 21-year-old victim against her will and slightly injuring her.

The victim had been working at a coffee shop in Valletta frequented by the accused, who made friends with her. The man convinced her to visit his home, where he sexually assaulted her on June 12. The young woman is understood to have been severely traumatised by the attack.

Abu Seadah denied the charges, his lawyer Mario Buttigieg entering a not guilty plea and requesting bail.

Duty magistrate Francesco Depasquale, however denied the request and ordered that the man be remanded in custody.

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